Radu Luchian(ov):

"'What are you working for?' retorted Iranon. 'Is it not for living and being happy? And if you work only to work harder, when will you find happiness? Isn't life made also from beauty and songs?" -- H.P. Lovecraft: Dagon - The Quest of Iranon

Behold my playground. Here's the place where I keep entertaining stuff.

As it is expected, my activity pages coincide with my interests; here's some sort of priority list :)

  • Raising Cristopher
  • Learning
  • Commentary and Literature
  • Writing FREEware or SHAREware
  • Programing (but not under pressure)
  • Cuisine (cooking, eating, and enjoying it! if you gotta do it, at least enjoy it :)
  • Sex (this occasionally raises in this list up to position#2 ;)
  • Gaming, especially Role-playing
  • Using SHAREware
  • Cinema and TV (aka. training creativity - since I (almost) never slump back passively watching - I use movies actively - question, enjoy, test against my theories, etc.)
  • Photography (and image editing)
  • Mountaineering
  • Collections (comics, coins, napkins, aero- and navomodels, pictures, letters, movies, etc.)
  • Music (this generally flows in parallel with most things I do)
  • Transmission of motion and energy (mechanics, electronics, organic chemistry, some parapsychological phenomena) -- (this is down here until I finish -aka. get tired of- learning about Learning)
  • Wood carving and pyro-painting, metalwork
  • If all else fails, link outMint Rubbing

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